Thanks to our master-craftsmen, who very skillfully use our modern machinery, we manage to produce medium and large sized sculptures of sinuous and elegant forms.

Sundial, situated at the centre of a roundabout in Negrar (Verona).

scultura negrar


"Slancio Vitale" (by Piera Legnaghi): the advancing pace proceeding towards the serenity of a fulfilled future, encountering others, whose lives cross ones path and take off in different directions.

scultura VrNord


"Roof" (by nArchitects): a sculpture on display at the art exhibition "Architecture As Art" at the XXI Triennial in Milan.

calandratura sculture

"Bacio Rubato": a harmonious twine of colours and curves in the kissing act.


calandratura sculture


Iron Sculpture for outdoors.

calandratura sculture