Tromba Maurizio, a leading company in the bending and calendering of tubes and metal sheets, is proud to announce the arrival of the largest and most powerful Profile Bending Machine ever built up to date.
The AR530, as it is called, weighs 3,400 tons, has three 540 millimetre shafts, an innovative anti-deforming device, and is able to bend and arch profiles of all types and sizes.
Entirely italian, the AR530 has been built in Italy by an Italian company, it stands as a symbol for the excellence and high-quality of Italian-made products in this sector.
The Tromba Maurizio company, driven by the wish for growth and innovation, especially during the last two years, has pushed itself to challenge the global market, yet again, by introducing the AR530. In spite of the current economic crisis, the company decided to look forward and to combine all the know-how coming from experience, technology and passion, both from the builder's side as well as well as from ourselves, the user's, getting together and collaborating so to create this extraordinary piece of machinery.
Therefore it is now possible to bend profiles such as tubes up to 36 inches with 40 millimetres thickness and HEM 1000 beams that range from 12 to 18/20 metres in length, and many more commercial profiles.
The bending is done only with rollers that maintain the consistency and precision of the requested radius.